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Recognized as a 2015 "Best in Class" 401(k) plan by PLANSPONSOR Magazine


Fiduciary Focus Newsletter            A quarterly update for plan sponsors.
Winter 2014 | 2/19/2015

Fall 2014 | 10/24/2014

Summer 2014 | 7/5/2014

Spring 2014 | 4/5/2014


WATCH: The Independent View | 8/24/2015

Catch up on market headlines with this quarter's edition of the Independent View.

Watch the full video here.

ERISA's Fiduciary Duty to Monitor Investments Trumps its Six-Year Statute of Limitations | 8/12/2015

Guest columnist Cliff Dunteman discusses the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling in Tibble v. Edison in the August edition of HR | Digest.

Read on to learn how the ruling impacts plan fiduciaries.

"Triple Crown" of Savings | 8/6/2015

Featured in the Journal Sentinel Online, Advisor Kelli Send explains how a Health Savings Account gives you the "triple crown" of tax breaks.

Watch the full video here.

Industry Survey Echoes Participant Needs | 7/20/2015

Just 12% of Americans have developed a written financial plan, underscoring the need for financial education.

Read the full article here.

Meet Our New Team Members | 7/1/2015

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Francis Investment Counsel team.

Click here to meet them!

Active vs. passive investing: Which is right for you? | 6/29/2015

A vigorous debate rages on about which asset management strategy is best. 

Click here to read more about factors to consider when reviewing which approach is right for you.

Still Wondering About Roth? | 6/24/2015

Featured in the Journal Sentinel online, advisor Meredith Ehn reviews the Roth option.

Click here to learn if it's right for you!
Francis Investment Counsel Recognized as "Best in Class" | 6/12/2015

"By definition, the phrase "best in class" denotes the highest current performance level - one that may be used as a goal to be equaled or exceeded." - PLANSPONSOR Magazine

Check out the Moneyadvice@work E-Newsletter | 6/1/2015

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